Forest City Gear has thrived for more than six decades by constantly expanding our knowledge and manufacturing capabilities to produce the highest-quality gears possible.

All of our production processes are supported by an uncompromising focus on quality, from initial blanks and tools to production and final packaging. We are committed to making world-class gears by investing in the best technology and the best people.

For decades, we’ve developed the next generation of talent in manufacturing by offering summer internships to inquisitive high school and college students. We are also committed to making each employee a gear experts through programs run by the U.S. Department of Labor and courses with industry leaders, such as Kapp Technologies and Atrona Test Labs Inc.

We have one of the best-equipped gear shops in the world because we annually reinvest 25 to 40 percent of our revenues into new machines so we can stay at the cutting edge of technology and live up to our standards. Our hobbers, shapers and thread grinders come from the top manufacturers in the United States, Italy, Japan and Germany.

Our fine- and medium-pitch custom gears are trusted worldwide in everything, from telescopes and tractors, artificial elbows to aircraft, military lasers to medical examining tables, printers to race cars, and power tools to dental drills. They are even on the International Space Station and the Mars exploration rovers.

At Forest City Gear we understand what it takes to produce specialized gears that perform reliably in the toughest circumstances. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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