High-Volume Gear Production

Here at Forest City Gear, we produce over 70,000 different gears monthly, including spur, helical, splines, worm and worm gears, tapered splines, threads, master gears, face gears, beveloids, clutch teeth, special forms, and serrations. More

CNC Gear Hobbing & Carbide Re-Hobbing

CNC gear hobbing, crown hobbing, is a unique lead modification technology that we apply to high-speed spur and helical pinions. This process produces a barrel or “crowned” shape on the flank of the gear tooth to help compensate for misalignment and noise reduction. Forest City Gear helped introduce this technique to the small motor and power tool industries in the US. More

Gear Shaping

Depending on our customers’ part requirements, gear shaping uses a reciprocating cutter motion that allows gear and spline features to be generated externally and internally removing or skipping a tooth if required. We have achieved qualities of AGMA 12 and better which is far better than what the older gear shapers produce Our shapers can make face gears and couplings with excellent spacing produced by distinctive motors. More

Gear Grinding

Gear grinding is typically utilized as a finishing process that uses a vitrified or pre-formed diamond plated wheel (CBN). This allows for extremely high accuracy grinding of the gear and spline forms. More

Thread Grinding

We are proud of our ability to grind involute worms to virtually any profile requirement. We can also accommodate a wide variety of thread worms such as stub, acme, ball screw, and metric or standard thread forms. More

CNC Machining

Forest City Gear has over 60 CNC machines, many of which have automatic loading/unloading for lower queue times. More

Gear Inspection

We are extremely particular in our gear inspection process. All gears and splines are inspected according to customer requirements and specifications as well as international standards. More

Engineering Services

Forest City Gear offers a variety of engineering services. In addition to our inspection processes, we offer hob and shaper cutter inspection and sharpening services. Before hobbing or shaping gear teeth, we review the customer print and check if we have the correct hob or shaper cutter needed. If a new hob or shaper cutter is needed, then we work with our tool vendors and review the design. More

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