Forest City Gear Celebrates Retirement of Brian Getty

May 21, 2024

Forest City Gear is proud to celebrate the retirement of Brian Getty in May. Getty served as Forest City Gear’s Maintenance Technician Lead for 10 years.

Getty had a strong reputation both with coworkers and vendors alike as an extremely talented and reliable asset to the Forest City Gear team. “Brian’s expertise and oversight changed the way we approached machine maintenance and repairs: relying less on outside service providers, and better equipped to address issues and focus on preventive maintenance,” says Forest City Gear President Kika Young. “Beyond his valued skill set, Brian’s quick wit and fun personality were always a bright spot!”

According to Getty’s supervisor, Forest City Gear Director of Operations Jared Lyford, “Brian is one of the most talented maintenance persons I have met. We were lucky to have the time with him that we did, as he was able to get us through so many situations that would have caused us lost time otherwise. In addition, Brian was able lead us through a significant growth period in Forest City’s timeline ensuring that we could deliver on our promise of Excellence without Exception. He will be truly missed by all of us at FCG.”

Getty chose to celebrate his retirement with a lunch party with the team. Forest City Gear thanks him for his years of service and friendship and wishes him the best in his retirement.