Forest City Gear Donates $3,100 To Support Rockford Rescue Mission

May 5, 2020

Forest City Gear is proud to announce that its employees have raised $1,300 to support the Rockford Rescue Mission’s efforts to respond to the increased need brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Forest City Gear committed to match employees’ donations dollar for dollar, raising the total for this most recent fundraiser to $2,600. That tally, combined with a previous donation of $500 from the company, brings the total amount of Forest City Gear’s donations to the Rockford Rescue Mission to $3,100 to date.

“At Forest City Gear, one of our central tenets is that families matter, and always will.  We are beyond proud of the FCG family for stepping up in these uncertain times to help those in our community who are less fortunate.  We view our community as an extension of our family and are happy to do our part to support it, one small step at a time,” noted Kika Young, Director of Corporate Management.

Since 1955, Roscoe, IL based, family-owned Forest City Gear has been one of the gear industry’s leading sources for the development, manufacture and inspection of the highest quality gears, for use in applications that range from medical devices to motorcycles, airplanes to automation, even including the Mars Curiosity Rover.