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  • Each year, the Stateline Chamber accepts nominations via its website. An awards committee reviews the nominations, narrows the field to three finalists in each category, and selects one winner per category based on the nominees’ contributions to excellence in the community within their respective categories.


  • Forest City Gear is proud to have supplied over 100 gears for NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover. Forest City Gear manufactured gears for every actuator on the vehicle, from the wheel drive systems to the focusing the optics. All of the gear-driven motion systems that the rover utilizes to move or to articulate a part of its scientific instruments, including the Sky Crane that worked to lower Perseverance to the surface, are driven by gears from Forest City Gear.


  • Forest City Gear has expanded the capabilities of its Quality Assurance Department with the addition of a Zeiss ACCURA® Coordinate Measuring Machine.


  • Forest City Gear is proud to share a white paper entitled, A Note on the Design of the Gap Between Helices on a Double-helical Gear, authored by Forest City Gear Systems Engineer Andrew F. Vincent, Ph.D.


  • Forest City Gear now can perform hard fine finishing of larger diameter cylindrical gears faster and more efficiently in higher volumes with the addition of a new Reishauer RZ 410 Threaded Wheel Grinding Machine.


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